How to make a Tingle Animal Crossing themed hairpin

In an effort to promote Tingle’s new game Tingle and the Three Bears, Square Enix is offering the developer a $10,000 reward for anyone who can create a hairpin using Tingle.

The reward will be awarded for one day only and is available for pre-order now.

The hairpin will be used in the game’s opening sequence and the ending sequence.

A hairpin can be made by simply cutting a piece of paper or other object, then attaching it to the back of a hair pin.

The object can also be cut, glued, or painted, and the hairpin is then used to hang a hair clip from the back.

Tingle and his friends will appear as “tinklers” and will be in the title screens of the game.

The game will feature an animated cutscene that shows the Tingle characters.

The Tingle character can be found in the opening of the first level, “Singing on the Beach” and is an anthropomorphic bear with a mustache.

In an update to their game on Tuesday, Square confirmed that the hairpins are the first of the Tinkle Animal Crossing-themed accessories to be announced.

Square also revealed that a limited-edition Tingle hat will be available in October.

Tingle has previously been known to wear various accessories including hats, sunglasses, and earrings.

The Tingle Hairpin is currently available for purchase at Square Enix’s website for $20.

The hairpin comes with the Tinkler hat, which is currently in production.

The company also announced that a special Tingle-themed shirt will be released with the game for $100, with a limited edition Tingle hairpin also available.

Tinkler is scheduled to release in Japan on March 25.


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