How to keep your dog on the leash while walking through the jungle

JULIAN ANTHONY ANTHONO, AP/REUTERS A dog walks past a banana plantation in the jungle of Costa Rica in this undated handout photo.

A dog and a banana growling in the forest of the same region, a remote part of Costa Rico, are a popular tourist attraction in the Amazon rainforest.

The pair are in a new family of wild dogs who were brought to Costa Rica by an animal crossing company that had found the pair wandering the jungle for years.

The two dogs, which have names such as “Lucy” and “Luna,” are the latest of a growing number of wild animals who are being used as guinea pigs for the commercial pet industry.

Costa Rica is the only country in Latin America that doesn’t ban the sale of dogs as pets.

It also allows for private breeding of them for pet stores.

The dogs, who have names like “Lucien” and are the most well-known of the animals, have already made it through the jungles of Costa Ricans tropical home country of Costa Brava.

“They’re very strong and can jump over obstacles very well,” said Carlos Mancini, the chief executive of the Animal Crossing Animal Crossing (ACA) Animal Crossing and Human-Powered Entertainment Company, which bought the dogs from a Costa Rican breeder in 2015.

“It’s an amazing animal to watch and have on your lap,” said Mancino, who has trained them for about five years.

“People are always curious about the animals in the rainforest and how they manage to keep their personalities hidden from people and that’s something they enjoy.”

Read more stories from around the worldThe dogs are in the process of being tested and released in a pilot program to test whether they are suited for the jungle, Mancinos owner said.

The animals were bred in Costa Bravas rainforest to have the same body and shape, and have the ability to sniff out food in the air.

They are now being used in a study on how they react to a variety of environments and are being trained to do the same for the human-owned dogs, Mampas said.

The dogs can travel up to 300 miles to find food and water in the wild, where they can become aggressive if left unattended, according to Mancinis owner.

Animal Crossing Animal Collision is a commercial pet and pet-training business in Costa Rica that started in 2004.

It has been in operation since 2007.

Read or Share this story: “We don’t have the time to take care of them, so they have to be cared for,” Mancins owner said of the dogs.

The company is not using the dogs for training purposes, Macinas said.

He said the dogs are still in their “developmental stages” and that they are still learning how to perform in the environment.

“The dogs we use are very intelligent animals.

They can learn things about the environment and learn how to manage themselves,” Macinos said.

“There are also many different types of dogs that can be used, so we are not just looking at a single breed.”

The company said the animals have no intention of leaving Costa Bravos jungle.

As of Monday, the dogs were still being trained in Costa Rivas rain forest, Maccinis said.

It is unknown if they will be released in the United States.

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