Which animal crossing is the most effective?

The number of people crossing the US-Mexico border every day has doubled in the last decade, but the number of animals crossing has remained steady, according to a new report.

The report by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) found that at least 2,723 animals were killed by border crossers in 2016, up from 2,069 in 2015.

The numbers show a steady rise in both deaths and injuries as border crossings grow.

In 2016, the number killed by crossingers exceeded those of other crossers, as well as by people and vehicles crossing the border illegally.

The HSUS found that in 2016 the majority of animals were Mexican-owned, and more than half of the animals were taken from a sanctuary in Texas.

But the majority were taken in Texas, which has more than 4 million registered border crosser-takers, according the HSUS.

The most common reasons for crossers to kill animals were drug smuggling, and animals crossing the Rio Grande were also most likely to be killed by the crossers.

For the most part, people and animals crossed the border to seek asylum, but some animals were found to be taken as trophies.

Animals that crossed the Rio as trophies were then either taken by border patrol agents or released into the wild, which is illegal in the United Kingdom.

“The trend in deaths of animals is clear, and the animals that have been killed by people in the US have become a source of controversy in the UK,” said HSUS Executive Director Anthony Fauci.

“If we want to stop this trend, we need to be careful about who we let into our country, and who can cross.”

Border crossing has become more popular in recent years, and at the same time, the numbers of animals killed at the border have gone up, the HS, which advocates on behalf of border-crossers, said in a statement.

The number killed has risen sharply since 2007, when the HSU released its report.

Last year, border crossings rose by nearly 30 percent.

“As a result of these numbers, the US and Mexico have been working together to address the challenges of human trafficking, animal cruelty and border crossing to improve the safety and well-being of animals in both countries,” the HS said.

The increase in border crossing has been attributed to the number and severity of the animal cruelty cases, and has led to calls for increased federal funding and legislation to address animal cruelty, according Faucomi.

The UK has already passed legislation to protect wildlife.

Last month, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a bill that would require people crossing borders at least six metres from a border post to have a pet permit.

The law is meant to protect animals, and was approved by the Commons.

In the US, the Department of Homeland Security has launched an investigation into the problem of animal cruelty on the border.

The investigation has so far found that 1,569 animals have been taken from the United Nations Animal Protection Center in New York City, and 2,822 animals have died in the past year.

The Border Patrol estimates that there are more than 15,000 border crossings every day.

The U.S. has one of the highest rates of animal deaths in the world, with more than 7,600 reported in 2016.

Last fall, the Humane Association released its annual report, which shows that, at least 8,000 animals are killed at a border crossing every day, and nearly 20,000 are injured.

In addition, the report found that animals are taken from sanctuary facilities more often than they are taken by the Border Patrol.

“More people are coming into the country illegally, and they are taking more of the species we protect,” Faucus said.

“It’s time to address these issues.”


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