How to cross the cherry tree in Japan

In Japan, cherry trees are very much the iconic landmark for cherry trees, and they’re one of the few trees that have the traditional shape of a flower or a flower bud.

That means cherry trees often get the most attention in Japanese anime.

One of the first anime I watched with cherry trees was the one from the 2010 TV anime series Osomatsu-san, and it’s one of my favorite cherry anime series.

Osomatsuka-san also got its own spin-off manga series, Osomatasu, which was produced by Tatsunoko Productions.

In that series, a cherry tree grows in the mountains in the village of Osomata.

One day, a man named Kotonoha comes across the tree, and he decides to cross it to save it.

It’s not an easy task, but Kotonohi eventually manages to cross and save the cherry.

Kotonōs path crosses over the sea to the island of Kyushu, where he meets and falls in love with a cherry named Shun.

He then goes to the village to find the cherry that she wants, and meets up with a woman named Haruka.

Haruka goes to a different village, and she finds the same tree that Kotono has crossed over.

Shun, who has grown into a cherry, asks the cherry what it wants.

Haruko explains that it’s to be a human being, and that the cherry will have a child.

She asks the tree what it will want to be when she grows up, and the tree replies, “My mother.”

So, Haruka asks the child to go and save her mother.

The cherry is shocked when it hears what it’s about to hear, and runs away.

The next day, the boy finds the tree crying outside the window, and Shun goes to find her.

Shouki runs into the tree again, and tells the tree that he will protect it.

The tree says that the boy will save her, and when Shoukis hand is touched by the tree’s heart, he hears a voice.

Shunt is amazed, and is surprised to see a cherub with a human face.

The boy then finds the cherub and takes it back home.

Shuuji is the last person Shun sees, and Haruka decides to tell him about the cherry in the forest.

Haru-chan, Shun’s mother, is horrified at the news, and refuses to tell Shun about her mother’s secret.

Shuns mother and Shuu, now known as the cherry boy, begin their own journey, to save Haruka from her secret.

It also happens to be Shun who is the most interesting character in Osomasans story.

His name is Hiyori, and in Osoms family, his father, the cherry god, Hiyomitsun.

The Osomashans family has always been very strict.

The family is known for keeping only humans as servants, and this tradition of keeping only human children in line is very important to the Osomasu.

Hiyomi, Shunko, and a cherry that is called “Osan” (Osan) are the three siblings of the Osomo family.

Shunkomitsuns eldest daughter, Osan-sama, is the only one of her siblings to grow up to be an adult.

She is also the only woman in the Osoms household.

As for Hiyoro, she is the youngest of the children and she was born only when the cherry was growing.

Hyoro, however, is a really sweet and kind girl who loves flowers, and tries to help others out by giving flowers to other children.

Hymone is the eldest daughter of the family and is the same age as Shunkoten, and her father is Hymones grandfather.

She has a lot of energy, and gets along well with the other children, especially Shunkus children.

Haruno is the other child of the household and has a really nice personality, so her mother Haruko is a bit jealous of her.

It is said that the oldest Osomasa can become a real human when they are old enough, but Hiyorin is the one who is allowed to become a human.

Harunis family has been around for a long time, and as such they have always lived together.

Hijime, Shuu’s mother who was also his father in real life, is also one of his brothers.

Shunks father, Shodo, is not a very good person, but he also seems to be kind, caring, and kind of a father figure to Hiyo.

Shurun, Shuzo’s brother, is really smart, but is kind and kindhearted.

Hii, Shouta’s father is the leader of the clan, and has been in charge for a while.

Shuzoten is a kind and strong


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