How to be a supermodel without wearing a bra in a new ad

It’s a trend that’s taken off over the past few years and it’s no secret that a lot of women wear their hair out and do their makeup in their underwear.

But now, there’s a new trend to make a statement about how you’re supposed to dress when you’re on stage or at a party.

A new ad campaign for lingerie brand Nubar focuses on what it means to be sexy and modern, and how women can be sexy without sacrificing the basics.

“The most important thing you can do is embrace your body,” Nubara’s lead designer, Marielle Tarrant, tells TIME in the new ad.

“And don’t ever compromise your beauty.”

The ad is the latest in a string of lingerie ads targeting women in recent years.

In the last few years, models have been photographed wearing bras, revealing cleavage, and strapless gowns.

But the Nubaran campaign takes a more relaxed approach to women’s body in its advertising.

“When you’re in your bikini, you’re a super model,” Tarrance tells TIME.

“The more you can wear what you want without looking like a whore, the more you’re beautiful.”

The Nubari campaign is a new one, but Tarrantly says she and her team are making an effort to highlight that it’s OK to wear anything.

“We wanted to get to the core of what it takes to look and feel great,” Targets Creative Director Sarah Covington told TIME.

The company has been testing the campaign in New York and Los Angeles and is working with a slew of other companies.

The new campaign is set to air in the U.S. and Canada this fall.


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