A group of men, dressed as women, perform ‘anime fashion’ for a party animal

A group who have spent weeks dressing up as women has revealed how they have been filmed dressing up in outfits they believe are appropriate for an animal party.

Key points:The men are dressed as a fox, a bear, a pig and a rabbitThey then perform ‘animal dance’ on the group of animal lovers, and the footage has been posted on YouTubeOne of the men, a man in his 40s, told The ABC his “life would have been a lot easier” if he hadn’t been filmed doing the anticsThe men, who have been performing ‘animal fashion’ on YouTube for about two weeks, have been described as “animal lovers”The men have been dressed as fox, bear, pig and rabbitThe video of the event shows the men posing for photos, posing for selfies and even dancing with a pig in a bag.

“I can’t believe I was dressed like this for this,” said the man, who has not been identified by name.

“My life would have be a lot better if I wasn’t doing this.”

The group, which is called “Animal Pride”, was filmed on Tuesday at a local park in the city of Chatswood, in Victoria’s north.

They were filmed by members of the Chatsley Wildlife Park, who said the group was dressed in “animal fashion” and that they had been told it was appropriate to wear.

“It’s about the wildlife, the animals,” said one of the park’s employees.

“We’ve been told that if you wear a dress, people will see you as an animal.”

“It really is about animals, and people should dress as animals and not just as people,” she added.

“They don’t look like animals.

They look like they’re animals, like a fox.”

The men told The Australian the “animals” they were dressing up for were “wild animals”.

“You’d be surprised at how many different animals they’re wearing,” the man said.

“A bear’s got fur, a fox’s got hair.”

The animals are all dressed in different outfits.

We can all wear a costume and pretend to be an animal, but you’ve got to be able to see the animals in their natural habitat.

“The footage has attracted widespread attention on social media.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, a group of people called Animal Pride said they would dress up in costumes, including one which was “inspired by” a movie about a fox.”

Our aim is to bring the animals back into the mainstream,” the group wrote.”

Animals have never been presented in such a positive light.

It is time we put an end to the myth that animals are just a bunch of cutesy names.

“Animal Pride’s social media posts were also shared by other members of a group called Animal Liberation.

The group’s Twitter page was also inundated with requests to change their names.”

Why not call yourselves the Animal Liberation?” one person wrote.

Another asked: “How about Animal Pride?

That would be a little easier.

“The comments were met with some support from animal rights groups.”

Animal Pride is a fabulous idea.

They’re very creative,” animal rights campaigner Elizabeth Jones told The Age.”

This is a wonderful idea for the whole country to get behind.

“Hopefully this will become a nationwide movement, so that other groups can get involved and we can really change the world.”

Animal Liberation Australia was set up to promote animal rights and promote “animal liberation”.

“We have been very supportive of animal rights for a number of years,” Ms Jones said.

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